Peace Choi (BIR Student) I like my tutor because she makes me feel comfortable while tutoring, and she always encourages me to study English more and more.

The BIR Learning Center provides tutoring, a student library and various services and resources for instructors.

Student Friendly Websites

Do you want to improve your English faster? Do you like to study on your own? Try our new “Student Friendly Websites,” a group of helpful self-study websites recommended by the Learning Center (LC) and Academic Support Staff at BIR.
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The Learning Center offers free one-on-one and small group tutoring in ESL, TOEFL, and other subjects. We are dedicated to helping students become independent learners and develop skills and strategies they can apply both in the classroom and in their daily lives. Students at the Learning Center have more opportunities to ask questions, use what they’ve learned, and receive feedback from the tutor than in a regular class. This interaction is a very important part of the learning process. Students and tutors aren't bound by any class curriculum, freeing students to improve whichever skills they want to work on (conversation, reading, writing, etc...)

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For our ESL and TOEFL students we offer books, magazines, newspapers, and dictionaries for all English levels. Books (categorized from Beginner to Advanced English proficiency) are available to check out for up to three weeks. Some books include CDs to enhance the reading experience. We have computer programs from which students gain valuable practice in English skills, TOEFL and typing.

We also carry books to supplement BIR's career-oriented programs of study, such as resources for accounting and glossaries of medical terminology.

Instructor Services

For BIR instructors the Learning Center provides:
  • a variety of materials to supplement classes
  • help finding the best supplemental resource
  • proctoring of make-up exams (by appointment only)


(773) 866-0111 ext. 51




Devon: Lab D-11
Loop: LC Office
Belmont: Lab 1 or 2
Anna Lassak
"I like tutoring because I can learn what I want. I can ask my tutor about everything that I don’t understand. I can study as fast as I want."

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Rangsiya Arunmongkhon
"I think it is very useful for BIR students who want to improve English. It is a great chance. Do not miss it."
Alberto Gastaldi
"For me it is the best way to improve my grammar, my writing, pronunciation and speaking because i can work on the points that i need. Tutors care about my progress."