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BIR Student Testimonials

Piyatida Pavasutti

Piyatida came to Chicago from Bangkok. After completing BIR's TOEFL® program and scoring well on her TOEFL® test she enrolled at the John Marshall law school. She plans on returning to Thailand to practice international business law.
“When I applied to John Marshall I couldn't communicate at all. After six months at BIR they were shocked at how good my English TOEFL® teacher pushes every student in the class to keep thinking and keep talking in English.”

Joseph Ikeakhe

Joseph is an accountant from Nigeria. He studied Health Information Technology at BIR.
“I chose to come to Chicago because this is a good place to meet people from different countries and different cultures...What got my attention here in school is a very nice atmosphere, friendly staff and the one on one lectures with the teacher.”

Steve Bernin

Steve graduated from BIR's CNC program in March of 2007. He's currently employed as a CNC setup person at Hydra Force in Lincolnshire.
“I’ve always worked around power tools and milling equipment, and I’m a finished carpenter which requires a strong attention to detail like CNC work. BIR provided excellent training, a schedule that allowed me to work during the day, and the opportunity interview with employers at a career fair.

Ksenija Palaznika

Ksenija came from Latvia to Chicago. She completed the Computerized Office Support program at BIR.
“I was interested in pursuing educational opportunities in the States that were not available at home. I was primarily attracted to BIR by its convenient location. Once I came in and talked to a Student Relations Specialist, I liked everything else about the school and decided to enroll...I like the opportunities, opportunities surround me that are not available anywhere else.”

Soyolmaa Perenlei

Soyolma is a linguist from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She came to America to learn English.
“This country has a lot of opportunities for foreigners who are smart and hardworking. I see it as a chance to improve my future... I like [BIR's] fast learning and focused career programs which enable you acquire skills quickly...BIR is good in solving foreign students' problems.”

Inna Grossman

Inna is enrolled in the Health Information Technology (HIT) program and plans on working as a medical coding and billing specialist.
“BIR’s program provides very specific and detailed training for medical coding and billing. My schedule allows me to take classes 4 times a week for 4 hours a day in order to finish my degree in seven months. After I graduate from BIR I plan on finding a job as a medical coding and billing specialist at a medical office. After a few years I will have enough experience to take the CCS exam offered by AHIMA and increase my earning potential.